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Five Productive Things I'm Doing While Social Distancing

Social distancing is something my family and I are taking very seriously these days. At first the stress of it all weighed very very heavy on me. The kids never went back to school from their March Spring break (distance learning has not been a joy, to say the least), and up until about two months ago my husband was an essential worker. Fast forward to nearly the end of May and I'm feeling like there is more to my day then just double and triple-checking the news. Some days I don't watch it at all! Here are 5 productive things I'm doing while continuing to social distance.

Adjusting how my new daily routine looks. It's a little bittersweet because we've been on the same routine for so long whether I'm working from or outside of our home. But when I finally relaxed enough to take notice I have this whole block of time in the morning to dive into some self-care activities. Using my gratitude journal, prioritizing my plans for the day, and having a cup of tea is gold right now.

Experimenting with new recipes with my daughter. Since we're short on local vegan options Zoe has gotten a taste for making vegan treats. Earlier this week we made chocolate powdered sugar donuts and last weekend it was blue waffles! They were both delish!

Planning for the future. It's hard to believe we have so many upcoming things even with everything that is, unfortunately, going on right now but the one I'm most excited about is transitioning the kids to homeschool. There are so many avenues we get to explore with this new venture in our state so we're looking forward to testing out some of our options this summer.

Focusing more on my self-care business. At first, it felt weird to even be thinking about working on my online self-care shop but then it seemed like "Why not?" if I've got the time. By the way I'm running a sale through Sunday so go buy yourself something!

Organizing and redecorating my space. So this is where my practical productivity thoughts started when I realized we were all about to be spending all of our time together. I've been rearranging rooms and adding functional furniture so we can spread out comfortably and enjoy each other's company.

Bonus productivity but more like a really fun nerdy hobby.

Taking online classes. I've been taking everything from aromatherapy to photography. I always go for the ones you can do at your own pace. Photography has been especially fun to play around with. I take most photos in my backyard, like this White Ibis that is always hanging around. You can see some more of my shots on 500px.

What new, fun, or practical things are you diving into while social distancing?

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